The Sales Multiplier
How Time-Poor Sales Pros & Business Owners 
Easily Turns 1 Customer Into 7+ Higher
Paying Deals

What is the Sales Multiplier?
It’s a battle tested step-by-step framework which...
Turns 1 customer into 7+ higher paying deals...
Provides the tools to close more sales in 3 months than most do in a year...
And triples your output - accomplish more in 10 hours than you did in 30.
WITHOUT more cold prospecting, buying leads or paying for ads...
Or waiting forever to make it work. Start multiplying customers in as little as 7-10 days.
We accomplish this by...
 Leverage Social Media at ZERO Cost to Generate Hot Prospects Quickly (nobody does this right)
Generating Referrals for Life with Direct Mail (done for you)
Asking For, Incentivizing & Engaging with Referrals (most do this incorrectly)
Tapping the Well of Referrals from Existing Customers
Producing Salivating Leads Around Your Customers (w/ zero time output)
Printing Easy Money Through Collaborations  (you're leaving a ton of $$$ on the table)
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Known as the Referral Whisperer,
Tristen Smith has 300+ solar
installs in 5 years...

With 90% of them from

He's had several record breaking
weeks, with the top being $900k...
ALL customer referrals.

He created the Sales Multiplier framework
over 5 years so that sales pros & small
businessowners can duplicate
his success.
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